Friday, May 7, 2010


I'm sure we've all heard of Fail Blog by now, but it seriously never gets old! watching people fail at the most ridiculous things has a special place in my heart. Its actually pretty popular out here, whenever someones does anything from dropping their food, to fender bending a professors car, you can expect to hear the nearest person to you shout FAIL!!!
Here are some good pics:
Wording Fail
 Parenting Fail
Cute little kid on a not so cute table, alone.

Stock photo fail

You guys have to see the "Cable Moving FAIL"
 Be sure and go to their blog and have a great time. FAIL BLOG!


  1. lol yea, you have to go to the website, TONs more!

  2. hahah failblog is priceless.

    thanks for having a look at my blog btw! how'd you come across it? if you liked it you should follow. thinking about another interview maybe.

    i'm following yours aswell. =]

  3. actually I think i might go over and start following:) i liked.
    You posted a link on my tread over at the coffee shop ;)

  4. hahah thanks for that. =]
    good luck with yours!


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