Saturday, May 8, 2010

Men & Me [part 8]

Recap of Last week: I turned around and my heart literally started skipping, or running, more like sprinting. It was him! And he was just standing there looking for somewhere to sit [or someone to sit with]. My roommate calls him over to my pleasure [now that I started catching the feelings I was even more shy than usual around him]
Mr. Mmm sat with us for the whole service. We were whispering like little kids the whole time. After the service my roommate left to deal with her own Men & Me story, so we went to the little snack stands in another room and talked. After everything died down we started heading out. My place wasn't that far from the meeting so I was just going to walk back [literally, its like a two minute walk away].

He asked me if I wanted a ride, A RIDE! All of a sudden I didn't care about not being lazy and walking the full two minutes to my place. I wanted to see his car, and even more, be in it. As we're driving up the conversation kept its flow even though I have to concentrate more on breathing evenly. He looks like he wants to say something, but its not coming out. We get to my stop too quickly and I don't even know how to say goodbye "er, well thanks for the ride, guess I'll see you around?" LAME.

He's not doing any better "o, well yea. do you, er... well yea your welcome!". I give up and leave, still happy for the ride, I mean that's some type of progress right? I can't wait until my roommate comes so I can spill it out. sure nothing got accomplished, but I was IN HIS CAR. [geez i feel like a hyper freshman in college, I'm supposed to be mature, calm, and collected].

My roommate gets back in the morning, so I tell her when we both wake up what happened. She just said "yea, he wanted to invite you out, but he didn't know if you wanted to go". What! was all I could say for the next few minutes. I asked her why she didn't tell him I'd be OK with it [a little bit more than OK actually]. "well, he didn't text me until after he dropped you off."
So yea, yet another fail with men this week. But Mr. Mmm is not to be written off as a fail. I have lots more successful stories to tell you about him. tune in next week to hear about this weeks rendezvous ;)

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