Saturday, May 22, 2010

Men & Me [part 9]

Recap Of Last Week: "My roommate gets back in the morning, so I tell her when we both wake up what happened. She just said "yea, he wanted to invite you out, but he didn't know if you wanted to go". What! was all I could say for the next few minutes. I asked her why she didn't tell him I'd be OK with it [a little bit more than OK actually]. "well, he didn't text me until after he dropped you off."
I didn't see Mr. Mmm again for the next few days, but when I did finally spot him at the lounge I was more than happy to see him. We were friends right? So why was I so nervous! When he wasn't working he would come over and sit with me, and when he was working he would still come over and sit with me. We'd talk about everything and anything, and some of our other friends would come sit with us from time to time.

After a while I got his blackberry messenger ID but it was still rare when we would talk over the phone. I was beginning to get confused about whether he liked me or not. So I made the decision to not take the relationship any further. Once I heard that "If you are confused about whether he likes you or not, then he probably is too". A real chicken move on my part I know.

A couple days later I saw him at one of the evening meeting again and he sat with me. We talked for a little while about movies and stuff, and like before, he offered me a ride up to my place, even offering his jacket until we got to the car. Friends don't do that do they? We get in the car and he starts showing off his bass, I pretend to care and ooo at the loud noises pounding at my head. then we get to my place and he "accidentally passes it" He reverses all the way back to the door.

I get my stuff and open the door saying some kind of lame good bye.
"er, wait!" he says.
"yea?" My heart started pounding, was he going to ask me to hang out? see a movie? finally!
He continues to mumble something and eventually explains that he wants me to watch one of the movies he had on his Ipod, one of his faves he said. Gerard Butler was in it so I didn't complain, secretly dissapointed that that was all. He asks me if I want to watch a different one, he'd go get it from his place and meet me back. Yea I was retarded and said "eh, its OK. I like Gerard Butler". [sometimes I wonder why I haven't been diagnosed with stupid]. We talked for a little while longer and then I left. Man, what was I thinking? but hey, at least I had his Ipod, which meant I would eventually have to give it back :)

My roommate gets back and asks me how it went. I explain my stupidness to her and she just laughs, she has things to tell me too. Apparently when Mr. Mmm and I left, a group over our friends saw us and assumed we were going out to have some fun [you know, the kind of fun adults have]. Yea I expected rumors to fly, but not so soon. O well, didn't bother me in the slightest, it did however lead me to think about what kind of reputation Mr Mmm had developed...
I think its safe to assume that this week was yet ANOTHER fail in terms of men, and me. This does not only include Mr Mmm, which I have better news about for the coming week, but numerous men who have all of a sudden taken special interest in my romantic life. More rumors, and more men, should be fun?


  1. ,Wow that was probably about the cutest thing that i have ever read. <-----(note the period, even)


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