Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do You Have A Funny Childhood Story?

This is another request by a reader, and a good one i think:)

All kids do or say something so silly you just have to stop and laugh. i was a rather mellow child actually, so to be completly honest i dont have too many of them. when i was a child all i did was sleep. My mom would later tell me that she had to wake me up to feed me, change me, and even to play with me [yea, sad]. To this day i sleep alot, probably alot more then i should be lol. i do however remember acquiring another love at a very young age, a love for videogames:) i was sitting on the big couch and i was playing my favorite game, sonic! i was like 7, or somewhere around there. i remember i was having an especially hard time defeating a certain level and i was getting more and more frustrated. each time i lost i shouted my frustration quietly to myself. i would say a horrible word i had learned from my dad; "S%*#!". Then i lost one time too many and i shouted "S%*#!" at the top of my lungs. i had no idea my mom was right behind me....She looked even more shocked than i did, and after she came to terms with what she heard me say she popped me in the mouth and took all of my video games away until furter notice. My brothers got a kick out of all of this since i haardly ever got punished, and they got punished enough for the whole neighborhood.

remember "charlie" from youtube. i always laugh when i see that one:

well thats one of my very limited funny childhood stories. im sure you have some better ones lol. i sure would love to hear them :)

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