Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Guilty Little Pleasure

Every one has a Guilty little pleasure. Whether its harmless and innocent, or the thing you don't even tell your best friend about. The best thing about guilty little pleasures is that they don't have to be justified by anyone. its yours, period. The point is, when you have a dirty little pleasure no one can judge you for it. Whats my guilty little pleasure you ask?

LINGERIE. But not just any lingerie, Victoria Secret lingerie. I admit, I'm addicted. I cant go one day without checking to see if they've updated they're collection. Yes it might be sensual, sexy, and even seductive, but i collect Victoria Secret lingerie! I cant really give you a solid reason why, but i guess that's why its my guilty little pleasure. I do know however that i like most of their pieces because they scream femininity. Its like they all say "Yes, I was made for a women!"

To shop VS Lingerie go to
SO now that Ive told you my guilty little pleasure, whats yours?

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