Monday, February 22, 2010

You Havent Lived Until You've....

Ive always thought this was a hard question to answer. It entails knowing what you couldn't live without doing, seeing or experiencing. but not just the top 5 things that make you smile [although they can be included, and they might turn out to be the same]. Its the top 5 things that take your breath away. Those things that youve always appreciated, and you always will. Those places you went that you cant even describe. That person, that movie, that song. It can even be something silly.

You havent lived until you've:
1. Played at the ocean all day
2. Loved
3. Helped Someone
4. Listened to Nat King Cole's "LOVE"

5. Watched the "Titanic"

right, so if you couldnt tell by now im a simple girl, and i like simple things haha.

and you should know by know that my next question is what are yours? I think its always interesting hearing them.

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