Saturday, February 27, 2010

Men & Me [part 2]

Recap from last week:

I wasn't ready for all this but i didn't want to miss out on anything, you only live once right? I admit i wasn't very enthusiastic at the thought, and it takes me a while to warm up to people. but he kissed me goodnight, and then i just waited...and waited....

And waited and waited. Yea I ended up waiting for that walk an entire week. I had no idea what could have went wrong. I backtracked the entire day, nothing. we went out for coffee, sat on the couch and watched Jurassic park, he kissed me goodnight, i couldn't find anything wrong with the entire day. I didn't see him again for months, i was so upset. Shouldn't he have had the courtesy to at least tell me why everything went so wrong? I knew i should have called to at least ask, but i was so hurt. I ran into him a couple months later and it was kind of awkward. He was the one who looked hurt, i couldn't understand.

A couple of days ago [yea, a whole lot of months later] one of my best friends ran into him. She was fed up with everything so she asked K what happened.

He told her that he was AFRAID. Apparently i had showed hesitation when he asked me to take "The Walk". He told her that he was waiting for me to call, to show him that i wanted this too. But i never called him, even days, weeks, and months later.

By this time i was very much over K but i still got upset. THATS WHY! I thought i did something horrible, or he heard some horrible false rumor about me. I started to think of how happy i was and how I wished I had shown it more on the outside.

So now i tell myself, the next person I fall in "like" with, they will know that i like them back!

Tune in next week to find out about the next weekends adventures.

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