Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Things That Make Me Smile :)

We all have something that makes us smile. Big or small, important or irrelevant its there. Im going to start of by telling you the top 5 things that put a smile on my face and why.

1.The Ocean- Theres no place for me but the ocean. whenever im there its like im not on earth anymore, its a totally different place. The way you can't see the end, the smell, the size, the sand, its all so wonderful to me. My favorite place will always be Goat Rock:

2.People- ok so this one is probably pretty obvious. I mean we all have to have at least one person that makes us smile. Maybe a friend, family member, significant other? we would probably go crazy if we didnt have people to make us smile.

3.Running- im a exercise junkie, but not because i want to loose weight, or stay fit. i just like to run, out on a track, on the trails where ever. there something so calming about it to me, and i feel really good afterwards. i dont think i could miss a day.

4. Pier 39- If youve never been there, your missing out. the Pier has everything to do. From live entertainment, to great food! its right by the ocean so that makes it even more awsome. its probably my second favorite place in the world, next to Goat Rock :)

5. Ice Cream- I love ice cream, whether its a cold or hot day outside. My favorite: Pistachio Almond mmmmm. [yea, good thing i like to run right?]

Now that ive told you my top 5, whats yours?


  1. These are not necessarily in this order, just top five:

    1. Family Jam sessions- There is nothing better than getting a couple guitars and circling up around a campfire or fireplace and jamming out with my family.

    2. College Basketball- Playing college basketball is an amazing experience. It is hard to recreate the adrenaline you feel when you run onto a court surrounded by a gym full of crazy fans.

    3. Thanksgiving Day- It is the perfect day. There is food out the wazooo, family that you have not seen all year, and an atmosphere that just can't be beat.

    4. Beaches- I grew up on a beach. Something about my toes in the sand and a fresh salty breeze at my back while the sun beams down is just amazing.

    5. The last ten minutes before drifting off to sleep- It seems my best thinking happens at that time. I remember my family and friends, talk to my God, and look back on the days past and those to come.

  2. haha those sound fun [especially the beach] you play college bball? no way, very fun. im not a very athletic person, but if i do watch/play its basketball.

  3. I played this past year, but I've had to sit out this year because of transferring schools, NCAA rules and all. So right now is just a lot of training for next year. It's a great game to just be a fan of even.

  4. awh that sucks! at least you'll be good and ready by next season haha.
    and yea great sport to be a fan of, i like nba games,[only been to a coiple tho] but for some reason i like college bball better. i always get excited when the season comes along.

  5. Ya, it's lame because i want to be playing, but nice because i get a chance to breathe. Yea, college is just so much more intense than the NBA. In college you play because you love it, in the NBA you play for money, it seems obvious which is the better motivator

  6. Ive never actually thought of it that way, but it makes alot of sense. Im sure when they started they still had the same love for the game, if not they probably wouldnt make it to the nba. but then the money just gets too their head...sad.


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