Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video Games Arent Just For Kids

So i know not everybody is as into video games as i am, and some people are probably a lot more into them then I'll ever be. But im still going to tell you my favorite and see what happens. My favorite video game is actually a series [well not series, but ya know] of video games.

My Favorite video game was created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, developed and published by NINTENDO! And has sold over 57 mil copies since the release of its first game. You save a princess and get to ride a horse.

Still dont know what im talking about?

Yes, the one, the only, The Legend Of Zelda!

Ocarina Of Time was probably my all time favorite zelda video game or any video game in the whole world for that matter.[scored 10.0 on ign! must mean its perfect right?] I think every person in the world should have played that game. But quickly following Ocarina Of Time is the more recent Twilight Princess:

Twilight princess is pretty amazing, and i dont think you should go through life without playing it. The graphics are pretty amazing for a wii game, and the storyline is of course perfect [is it weird that i had a crush on link when i was little?...] The neat thing about Zelda games [at least for me] is that they never get old. I could pick one up and start playing one again and i would have just as much fun as i did the first time. I'll never get tired of saving the land of hyrule. In fact, i think i just might go do that:)
Whats your fave videogame of all time?

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