Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do You Like Facts?

DO you like to hear random, crazy, weird, and useless facts? Well I sure do. I didn't always but my roommate got me into them. She'd literally sit there and announce random facts by the second. Sometimes it just seemed like music in the background, and sometimes I would tune in and actually listen to some of the facts.

She had a fact for every aspect of life. Facts about food, the solar system, money, animals etc. Soon I had to look up these facts for myself, what I found? Amusing

This site not only has useless facts, but quotes, "today in history", games, jokes and the list goes on. I highly recommend sites like this when you get so bored you start telling all your problems to your bunny rabbit.


  1. Ohh god, I love these sorts of things. Nothing like endless useless facts to take up an hour or two, haha.

  2. lol seriously! Then you look at the time and your like "Ahh!, I missed class!"


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