Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to Tell If You Have Bad Breath

I dont know how long these things have been out there without my knowing, but im getting one of these for my friend, seriously [gosh he has bad breath]

Look at the video that teaches you a trick on how to tell if you have bad breath:

Best part is you can get your first one for free!


  1. Uhmmm, that could be embarassing!!Always carry xtra tictacs and mints--u never know!
    *Checking mine out*lol

  2. lol, i couldnt help but try it out. thankfully im good!
    I also have a really unhealthy obsession with gum...If Im not brushing my teeth, im chewing gum, i should fix that!

  3. p.s.
    t. notes, for some reason when I go to your blog it says it cant be found??!! is thaat me, or you?

  4. Hey!Oh,that's me.I toggled the url abit. Was hopeful it wouldn't affect "getting found",but at the same time,lol,bcos i wanted2 get a little less uptight in my pages,wanted2 shake off a particular someone.Wicked Grin.

    Here's me,so do follow all over again!

  5. ohhh! thanks for clarifying that.
    I know exactly how that goes, thats the reason im invisible on skype 90% of the time lol.


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