Saturday, March 27, 2010

Men & Me [part 6]

Recap of last week:
One day after class He [K2] asked if i wanted to go to a party with him. I was kind of shocked because I thought he didn't like me, and was a little hesitant to go to a party where I only knew one person. But I agreed [of course] and we went on with our day. When party day came I got to the house and there were a lot of people I had to meet. I was a little nervous at first but eventually calmed down.

I had a friend on call, just in case the party turned into a less than desirable situation. K2 was a little upset about that because I was supposed to be staying at his house for the night. I didn't want to impose in case he met someone, so I told him it was fine. Turns out I didn't need that ride.

I hit it off right away, within 10 min I had a group of guys surrounding me. Sure it was nerve wrecking answering 1 question per second, but at least I wasn't in a corner crying, right? I left K2 to socialize with all his friends, he didnt mind, I was considerably younger than him and he looked happy that I was having fun. The thought had never crossed my mind that he might genuinely be interested in me.

I really hit it off with a guy around my age. He was handsome but shorter than me, so that was a deal breaker for any fun. I really had my sight set on another piece of eye candy, and yes he was much taller than me.

Throughout the night I had a whole group of guys to make my drinks, hold them, watch me to the bathroom, and protect me from the "bad guys". I'd even gotten my eye candy to put his arms around me while we watched everyone dance. I was having fun.

While I'm having fun I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and its K2's Brother, he wanted to talk to me about something out by the pool. I had no idea what he could possibly want. We got out there and he started talking about how K2 had been watching me all night, and how he was upset about me not spending anytime with him.

Wait! K2 didn't like me right? I guess I took his I-don't-give-a-crap attitude too loosely. I was flattered that he liked me, so I apologized and didn't leave K2's side for the rest of the night. [internally sad for having to leave eye candy's side].

The next morning we said our goodbyes and went to his house. Yea, we had fun ;)

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