Saturday, March 20, 2010

Men & Me [part 5]

Recap of last week:
I casually asked if this was a group thing, he [fashion designer] said no. I also casually said that I had another date. Mean? No. I had Islanders watching me, and those are the type of men i like.
So yea, another fail on my part with men, but i think next week will be ALOT better:)

While all of this trouble with my ex, K, and supposed gay fashion designers was going on I had been talking with a buddy I met in one of my classes. His name also begins with a "K" so we'll just call him K2.

K2 and i were just friends, or at least thats all I thought. He was 6 years older than me, and we always hung out after class. He liked to remind me how much older he was from me, and how he knew all the ropes of the world. I always disagreed and told him that he wast really THAT much older than me because male's develop 2 years slower than females mentally :)

I liked him for a few reasons. 1. he was older than me. 2. he didn't really go to my college, just took one class [I have an unnatural dissatisfaction with any of the guys that go to my college. It wasn't as apparent in the first few years, but gradually developed]. and 3. He had that I-don't-give-a-crap attitude.

One day after class He asked if i wanted to go to a party with him. I was kind of shocked because I thought he didn't like me, and was a little hesitant to go to a party where I only knew one person. But I agreed [of course] and we went on with our day. When party day came I got to the house and there were a lot of people I had to meet. I was a little nervous at first but eventually calmed down.

Check in next week to see how the party went:)


  1. Heyyyy, i thought you were steady with somebody else!!!
    So, okkkk update update.

  2. lol! NO, the last person I was going steady with was my crazy ex. The one that im thinking about getting a restraining order for :/
    The only other guys in the picture so far have been "K" who randomly stopped talking to me, and a fashion designer who i thought was gay:)
    Current "K2", the guy I met in class, is front and center.


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