Saturday, March 13, 2010

Men & Me [part 4]

So lets bring you up to speed on the ex problem: He hasn't made anymore public moments with me:) He has however broadcasted his want to get back together, and how i ruined his life to everyone on the face of the earth. I think I need a vaca, yea, a vaca would be nice... Ireland?

Anyways back to the real men. A few weeks after I found out the reasons K wasn't talking to me anymore I had a fashion show to do. My first time on the runway for a charity event, and nervous was me [yea, nervous was me]. There were a bunch of designers and our group had the only male designer. We were all sure he was gay so nobody even brought it up.

We did our thing, walked, posed, changed etc. We were all happy at the end of the night, judges voted our designer as best in show, and it was over. I went back to my room very tired, and ready for some relaxing. My phone rings at like 2am and its our designer.

Thinking he wanted to congratulate everyone again I answer. Boy was I wrong, another point I was wrong on? This designer wasn't gay at all. He wanted a date for the next evening. I was definitely shocked. I don't like my men feminine. Don't get me wrong, if your a little feminine we're good, but he was WAY too feminine.

I casually asked if this was a group thing, he said no. I also casually said that I had another date. Mean? No. I had Islanders watching me, and those are the type of men i like.
So yea, another fail on my part with men, but i think next week will be ALOT better:)


  1. I have often wondered,if we gave such men a chance,we would be having less bad experiences with manly assholes.I am very against gender stereotyping but (call me a hypocrite if you will)I wouldnt be caught dead dating a fashion designer!:D

  2. I think the same thing!!! gah.
    but i cant help it most of the time, i cant force myself to like someone who i don't get "that" feeling around.
    And yea, totally agree with you on that last statement, totally.


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