Saturday, March 6, 2010

Men & Me [part 3]

So yesterday I went out for a night on the town with my roommate. We happened to run into a group of guys that we knew so we chilled with them. Now these weren't just any guys, these were The Islanders. Needless to say I was very happy, happy that I was finally having fun, happy to be surrounded by the funniest/sexiest/nicest guys around. We were sitting at a round table eating and talking and all of a sudden i feel a tap on my shoulder.

I look up, and its the last person I wanted/expected to see. My ex. Before you think I'm a horrible person for brushing him off let me explain.

In recent months my ex has made up his mind that there is no one in the world for him besides me. This was OK at first because i could just tell him HELL NO. But gradually his attempts became more psychotic, so much so that my friends keep pushing me to get a restraining order [yea its that bad] so I was perfectly comfortable with being rude to him [plus, who was i surrounded by? yea a bunch of muscles].

We went back to eating and talking and after a while i feel another tap on my shoulder. Yea, its him again. At this point I was so mad I was seeing red. What the hell is he trying to do? He'd always try and thwart my dating adventures before, but this was a whole new level. The only thing i wanted to do at that point was take him in the back of the building and make him permanently apart of the pavement, but this would require me to be alone with him.

Once again we all acted like this didn't happen, and there was only one guy in the whole group that even knew we had previously dated. We went back to talking and laughing and all of a sudden i hear the guys at the other end of the table noticing something. "what the hell is he doing?", does he know we can see him through the glass?", "I think he's 'window shopping'". me and my roommate decide to turn around and see what caught their attention.

I froze, my roommate gasped. It was yet again my ex, staring at me from the window. I dont think i was able to breathe for the next few seconds. not because i was mad, but because i was scared. He looked so different, and it gave me chills. It was clear that the guys had picked up on the object of his gaze, and they didn't even have to say anything but i knew id be fine. A couple minutes later me and my roommate booked it through the back exit and made our way back.

Needless to say my perfect night on the town was ruined, and i am now looking up restraining orders. So was I succesful with men this week? no, no i wasnt.


  1. Really?he's that bad?you should be careful the next time u see him

  2. Yea, seriously. You never think something like this would happen to you, and you dont do anything to bring it on. Guess we all just have to be careful, sheesh!

  3. dont be careful next time you see him gigi, be in the company of the police, you really should get the restraining order.

    A less extreme idea is to contact his family if possible, ask an officer to accompany you to his home to have a little sit down to explain that its over and he needs to just move on.

  4. I really like that idea actually john. Ill really be considering that cuz i know i shouldnt just let this stuff go.


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