Monday, March 8, 2010

Happiness is Attainable

Ever had to stop and think when the last time you were happy, just because? I'll be the first to admit that i can go for whole days with even feeling content. Work , people, health and whatever else distracts you can become a barrier between you and your happiness.

I dont know if you guys have read the article yet on yahoo but its a pretty good one:

"while about 50 percent of our happiness quotient is determined by what researchers call our natural “set point” for happiness, and 10 percent depends on the circumstances of our lives, a whopping 40 percent is entirely up to you—the way you react to events, cope with stress, choose to spend your time and more."

So dont worry, and be happy!


  1. I like the line: "...little [and big] things that make you smile. things like ice cream, good stories, the ocean, dreams and aspirations etc.". Has a nice feeling already;) I'm sorta guilty of living each day waiting for that next sort of happy day, so much that i miss out on today's likely joys. Though grrr,hard to find the joy in waking up early for work, closing late and using up whatever free time to study for professional exams. ;(

  2. Yeah, i said i was gonna throw a few questions. Lets see if i can remember them. Such as:
    1. I'd read once that you can do an advanced search on blogger to find people particularly interested in same blogs as u. Can't find the link, any ideas? Going back n forth coffee/talk shop is tiring.
    2. Noticed u av a recent comments on the side of ur page. How do i hook that up? I have to keep trying to remember where i commented last to check and make follow-ups.

  3. 1. hmm idunno about the advanced search thing..I kinda got the feel that they just tailored the "next blog" button to blogs with more similar interest. But i'll look it up:)

    2. And the recent comments is just a widget haha. I went to "layout" on my dashboard, then "add a new gadget", the i went to "featured gadgets" and there should be a recent comments one. I added it to my side bar, i think it looks nicer haha.

    -Have a great day,gigi:)

  4. O ya, and for your first comment [thanks by the way:)] im sorta guilty on the same level. Why is it so hard to be happy? lol. but i guess a good level of stress can push us forward. Until we get overloaded!


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