Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whats Better Than Singing In The Rain?

Running in the rain:)
Let's face it,there's not much to look forward to in winter. But I have discovered one of the biggest stress relievers of all time.
I love to run, and during the winter days I end up being confined to the treadmill [ugh!]. One day i was so fed up I decided that i was going to run in the pouring down rain. It was so awesome! Yea i looked like a half drowned cat, but it was totally worth it. Its like your in a different world.
To this day every time I see a really good rain, i get my running gear. :)
Seriously guys, you need to try this before rainy season has officially ended:)
-good luck


  1. is it not a bit cold? I think rain is magnificent, if its a thunder storm rain. Unfortunately here, more often than not, its more of an awful drizzely rain, that I really dont think could tempt me into going for a run!xx

  2. lol, it can be cold at first sometimes, but once you get to running its perfect!
    you have to at least try it once in your life:)


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